mission statment

Mission Statement


  • To provide the highest levels of visibility, accountability, customer service and public safety to our clients and their properties.
  • To identify and adapt innovative cutting edge techniques and technology to suit our clients’ needs.
  • To be an organization that retains highly qualified personnel, provide for their career development, and establish programs that provide a high degree of personal and economic security.


GSC’s philosophy is simple…we deliver what we promise
We are accessible to our clients 24/7 in order to ensure that the services we provide are meeting clients’ expectations.
We also believe in designing and managing security programs that actually work.


  • We are committed to protecting the lives and properties of our clients.
  • Providing a strong security presence to deter crime and aggressively pursue offenders.
  • Maintaining a higher standard of integrity
  • Respecting the dignity of each individual that renders our services with respect, courtesy and civility.